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Brick Powerbank 6600 mAh
Carnegie Mellon branded with wordmark and tartan
6600 mAh of power
Portable power for cellphones and other gadgets

To Use:
Power your charger from any USB port
Select appropriate adapter
Plug in your mobile device
Charge on the go

Brick powerbank
USB mini adapter (for all smartphones use USB cord that came with device)

Price: $59.95
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Cell Phone ID Holder: Black or Red
Cell phone adhesive card holder. Please choose black or red when adding to your cart.
Silicone rubber wallet
Sticks to phones and cases
Removable without leaving a mark
Fits most flat backed smart phones

Price: $4.99
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Charger: 2 in 1 Car and Home
2 in 1 charger for home and in the car with the Carnegie Mellon Scotty shield.
Plugs into any 12 volt auto outlet or any household 110 volt outlet.
Portable power on the go for cellphones and other gadgets.

Price: $19.99
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LED Armband
b|seen by Keyscaper LED Armband
Touchscreen Compatible - full access to your device
Bright White LEDs - on, blink, off settings with one button
Rechargeable - via standard USB micro cord (included)
Headphone Access - fits any headphone jack location
Key Pocket - for your access/home key

Price: $25.99
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Phone Case: Galaxy S5 Rugged
CMU plaid case for the Samsung Galaxy S5
Price: $32.95
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Phone Case: iPhone 5/5S/5C Rugged

Price: $32.95
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Phone Case: iPhone 6 Rugged
Keyscaper Rugged Series
Polycarbonate shell with rubberized interior for shock protection.
All controls accessible
Awesome full color graphics

Price: $32.95
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Phone Case: iPhone 6+ Rugged
CMU Plaid phone case
Price: $32.95
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Phone Case: iPhone 6/6s Clear Case
Slim clear case with Scotty Shield design.
Uber-sleek polycarbonate case and easy access to all controls.

Price: $14.99
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Phone Case: iPhone 6/6s Wallet Case
Wallet phone case with Carnegie Mellon University 3-line wordmark.
Space for two credit cards and easy access to controls.

Price: $24.99
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