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Faculty Textbook Adoption Information 

We’re now offering course materials through MBS Direct, making submitting your textbooks easier than ever!  Faculty can use Course Director to easily research and submit adoptions.  Course Director’s tools include:


1. Using existing course information or creating your own:  Was your course offered in a previous semester?  You can search the course by name or course number and find previously used textbook information.  If it’s a new class, you can create it using the course number.


2. Easily update textbook information: Changing course materials this year?  You can easily remove previously used textbook information and search for the new title by ISBN number.


3. Real-time Updates on available editions: If a newer edition of your textbook adoption is available, or if the edition you’ve chosen is no longer in print, you’ll be able to make the necessary changes immediately.


4. Add notes for your students: In addition to course materials, you can leave notes for students for recommended items, such as a preferred calculator type.


To access Course Director, you’ll need to request a login.  You can choose either a:

1) Look-Up Account - Allows you to see course information, textbook prices, and availability.  If you plan on having the bookstore fulfill your adoption request, please choose this option.

2) Edit/Entry Account - Allows you to add courses and add, delete, or change textbook adoptions.  If you'd like to input your own course information, please choose this option.


Still want our assistance?  The University Store is happy to submit your adoption information for you.  Just submit your adoption request in the following format:



1. Course Number & Section

2. Course Name

3. Term (Fall or Mini)

4. Estimated Enrollment

5. Professors



1. Author

2. Title

3. ISBN #

4. Required or Optional

5. New Edition or Any Edition



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