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Signing Up for Scotty Rewards Online


1. Click on "Login" at the upper right hand of the website.

2. Click "Register Here"

3. Select "Create Profile for Shopping"

4. Fill out your customer information.  This information will only be stored for purposes of check-out on the site.

5. Towards the bottom, click "Yes" next to "Participate in the Scotty Rewards Program"

6. You'll be asked to provide an Account Number.  Please use your Andrew ID number if applicable.  For those who don't have Andrew ID numbers, a 10-digit phone number is acceptable.

7. Once your account is setup, you should receive an email confirmation. You're now a Scotty Rewards member! You can use your account for in-store or online purchases.

8. You can make changes to your customer profile at anytime by visiting the "Login" page.


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