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Store Greeting
The University Stores are owned and operated by Carnegie Mellon University. We strive to provide our campus community with the products and services they need to succeed. Our team is made up of experts in their trade, whether it's helping you create the perfect retirement gift, deciding which technology best serves your department, or even deciding how to get your textbooks at an affordable price. Whatever your role is at Carnegie Mellon, we hope the University Stores are your trusted partners.

Our Team
Our Team
Thomas Aebi - Computer Sales Hardware Technician
Perry Beck - Art Store Team Leader
Evan Carr - Computer Sales Consultant
Amy Daly - Operations Manager
Katie Den Uyl - Art Store Sales Consultant
Dawn Dickinson - Interim Computer Store Manager
Chris Donadio - Sales Consultant
Bill Gall - Computer Sales Manager
Lynn Heverly - Merchandise Coordinator

Melissa Hiller- Merchandise Manager   

Emily Houck - Marketing & Communications Manager
Juan Lafontaine - Marketing Assistant
Eric Mackiewicz - Computer Sales Consultant
Sandy Mitchell - Merchandise Coordinator
Francis Rolls - Merchandise Handler
Sharrell Rushin - Clothing & Gifts Team Leader
Donna Schlegel - Lead Merchandise Handler
Chuck Schneider - Office Manager

About Us
Explore the other pages of our About Us section to learn more about the products we carry, services we provide, and how we can work with you throughout your time at Carnegie Mellon University.

The University Stores
Cohon University Center
5032 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
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