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CS2N Premium Access (Annual)
CS2N Premium Access (Annual)

NOTE: Processing time is 1-2 business days.
CS2N Premium Access provides teachers with the ability to:
  • Create unlimited Groups
  • Add an unlimited number of users to the Groups

  • CS2N Groups allow teachers to track student progress while they are going through activities. Free, or basic, accounts are limited to three Groups, and 30 students per group.

    To purchase CS2N Premium Access, you will need your CS2N username and email address used to sign up to CS2N. Upon purchasing the product:
  • Processing time is 1-2 business days
  • You will receive an email indicating that the purchase has been processed. You should now have access to CS2N Premium Access.
  • Upon logging into CS2N again, you will receive a message indicating that you are now a CS2N Premium User.

  • Upon checkout, please choose "pick up at store" for your shipping method. You do not need to pay a shipping fee.

    If you would like to pay with a purchase order (PO), please follow these instructions

    For questions please contact [email protected]

    Item: 2018322
    Price: $300.00


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