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Gift Certificates are available in any increment you wish to purchase and include a complimentary Carnegie Mellon note and envelope.
Receiving Your Gift Certificates
You may purchase your gift certificate in person or by phone. If you order via phone, you can pick it up in store or your gift certificate can be mailed. Gift certificates can be mailed to you or directly to the recipient via USPS certified mail. There is a $3 shipping charge for all certificates.

When to Purchase
Gift certificates can be purchased during store hours: Monday - Friday 8:30AM - 5PM. All phone orders will be processed Monday-Friday.

Using Gift Certificates Online
Our gift certificates are unfortunately not supported by our website, but we'd still like to help you out! If you'd like to use a gift certificate and you aren't located near the store/need something shipped, we ask that you follow these guidelines:
  1. If you're only seeking to buy 2-3 items, call the store at 412-268-1032. We can process your order over the phone at your convenience.
  2. If you're seeking to buy many items, we ask that you follow the web check out. It will ask you for a credit card number, which will not be charged, but must be entered. It is important that you enter your Gift Certificate Reference Number in the Order Comments. If not, we will have to contact you for this number, and the order can't be fulfilled until the certificate has been charged.
  3. Once your order is completed, you will receive a notification that your order has been cancelled. Don't panic! This is only so we can process your order at the register. You'll receive an update at this point, letting you know if further action is required (ex: if the amount on the certificate doesn't cover the total cost, we will need another form of payment for the balance).
  4. If there is any balance remaining on your gift certificate, we will send you the new certificate amount and a new reference number with your receipt.

Gift certificates can not be used in Computer Sales. Gift certificates are issued with a reference number. If only part of the certificate is used, a new reference number will be issued for the remaining balance. Without the current reference number, gift certificates cannot be redeemed. The University Store is not liable for lost or stolen gift certificates.

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