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How can I buy textbooks?
The University Store provides textbooks through our online bookstore. We'll no longer carry physical textbooks in-store. Students can choose to buy books through the University Store, or one of the independent buyers listed through the online bookstore.  Most books arrive within 4-5 days of order placement. If students need their textbooks by the first day of class, we encourage them to pre-order.

Course Packets will still be available for sale at the University Store.

How do I know what textbooks I need?
Students can find information about their course materials through SIO (Student Information Online), or through their class syllabus. The online textbook store will categorize course materials by course number.  If your course number doesn't show up, it could mean your instructor intends to provide your course materials through other means (Canvas, PDFs, course packet, etc)

What’s the best way to save money on textbooks?
We know textbooks costs can be a burden on students.  Our online bookstore provides students with used and digital copies when available.  It will also provide the price of books across many independent sellers to let students make the best choices for their budget.  Textbooks bought through the University Store also have a guaranteed buyback price.  Students will be able to see at least how much money they can expect to get back when they resell their books to the store.

Can I resell my textbooks at the end of the semester?
The University Store holds Buyback events at the end of each semester.  You can also choose to sell your books back throughout the semester at our online bookstore.

Can I return textbooks?
Most physical textbooks have a two week return period.  Unregistered digital copies and access codes can be returned within 14 days of the start of class.  For more details about the Return Policy please visit the online bookstore.

Course Packets are non-returnable.
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