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Welcome to the CMU family! As you embark on your new journey at Carnegie Mellon, the University Stores are here to provide course materials, dorm room supplies, tech help, and Tartan pride. Please read the information below for details on the services we provide and helpful links. And, as always, feel free to contact us with any questions.

Store Hours and Contact Information
Store Hours During First Year Move-In Weekend
Saturday, August 17: 9AM-5PM
Sunday, August 18: 9AM-5PM
Contact Information:
Main Store: 412-268-1032 or [email protected]
Textbook Questions: 412-268-5591 or [email protected]
Art Store: 412-268-2968 or [email protected]
Computer Store: 412-268-2636 or [email protected]

Course Materials
The University Store is the official on-campus source for course materials required and suggested by Carnegie Mellon instructors. We have an online bookstore that allows students to search by course number to find what books they need, optional supplemental materials, and suggested supplies. The online bookstore will show the University Store's price and format options (new, used, eBook), as well as the prices from trusted third party sellers. Students can choose materials from a variety of sources and choose to have them delivered to the University Store, their SMC box, or a private address.
Placing Online Bookstore Orders
  • Go to the Online Bookstore site and click "Let's Get Started"
  • Choose the Fall 2019 Term and whether you're searching for Undergraduate or Graduate courses
  • Type each of your course numbers in the following format "xx-xxx"
  • Once you've entered all of your course numbers, click "View Your Materials"
  • You'll be able to view all of your required, recommended, and optional course materials as requested by your instructors. You can view the University Store's prices and available formats as well as the prices and formats from trusted third party sellers.
  • Once you've chosen your materials (you can choose from various sellers), continue on to a seamless check-out.
  • You can choose to have course materials sent to the University Store for pick-up, your SMC box, or a permanent private address. If you order multiple books, it's possible that they might ship at different times.
Course Materials from Other Sources
Some instructors will provide course materials via other methods like eBooks or PDFs provided through the course's Canvas site. In all instances possible, the University Store will list this information on the Online Bookstore. We also encourage students to consult their instructor if they're unable to find information about their required course materials.
For more information on the buying course materials click here.
To go directly to the Online Bookstore click here.

Dorm Room Supplies
We've teamed up with Bed Bath & Beyond (BBB) to offer students the best options in dorm supplies. The best part? We offer FREE direct-to-room deliveries for first year students. BBB will also host a pop-up shop on campus during Move-In Weekend with all the commonly forgotten dorm items.
Direct-to-Room Delivery
  • Visit the special BBB/CMU site to begin your order. This site will auto-populate the correct shipping address for direct-to-room delivery as well as show you the items CMU recommends students bring or leave at home.
  • Please place your order by AUGUST 1ST, 2019 for direct-to-room delivery. Orders placed after this date will be sent to the University Post Office for students to pick up up during normal package pick-up hours.
  • We can only deliver Bed Bath & Beyond orders to dorm rooms. We will not deliver packages from any other sources. Any packages we receive from stores or vendors other than BBB will be forwarded to the University Post Office.
Pop-Up Shop
The Bed Bath & Beyond Pop-Up Shop will be located outside of the Cohon University Center near the University Store. Pop-Up Shop hours will be:
Saturday: 8AM - 4PM
Sunday: 8AM - 2PM
Moving in Before August 18
If you intend to move on to campus before August 18th, please send your BBB order to your student SMC box. Use the following format:
Your Name
5032 Forbes Avenue
SMC ####
Pittsburgh, PA 15289
Orders After Move-In
Students are welcome to use the BBB/CMU website throughout the year to place orders. These orders can be sent to the University Store for pick-up, to a SMC box, or to an off-campus address.

Tool Kits for Certain Students Programs
2D Media Drawing, Arabic Calligraphy, Architecture, Design, Drama Design
Students enrolled in certain programs have the option to purchase tool kits that include many of the items they'll use throughout their college career. These kits include favorite tools of the trade and come at a special bundle price. Kits are only available at the beginning of the fall semester and can be pre-ordered on the Art Store Tool Kit Site.
Ordering Kits
Place your kit pre-order on the Art Store website. Kits will be ready to pick-up during Move-In Weekend at the Art Store. Art Store hours during Move-In Weekend:
Saturday: 9AM-5PM
Sunday: 9AM-5PM

Technology for College
The Computer Store is located within the University Stores and acts as your on-campus resource for tech. We sell college-ready computers and provide special financing options via the Carnegie Mellon Credit Union.
Buying a Computer
We sell stock configured computers from Apple, Dell, and Lenovo with a college workload in mind. Not sure what computer is best for you? Our experts can help you find the perfect computer for your needs. All of our stock configuration computers are available to buy online and in-store at a special educational discount price.
Have a custom configuration in mind? Send your custom requests to our computer store experts.
The University Stores
Cohon University Center
5032 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Contact Us
Monday-Thursday: 8:30-5:00
Friday: 9:30-5:00
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: 10:00-5:00